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What will bathroom remodeling do for your home and
Bathrooms have gained an important status within the household, and instead of just
being a functional room they are now as interesting and decorative as the other rooms
within a household. Homeowners are expecting more luxury and comfort from their

1. Is it a powder room or a full bath?
2. Is it a main bathroom that's used by guests and family, or a private master bath?   
3. Do you feel that is  dated and showing it's age?
4. Is your bathroom too small?
5. Do you find the arrangement of your current bathroom inconvenient?
6. Is the lighting inadequate?
7. Does your bathroom lack adequate storage?

The answers to these questions will greatly influence how minimal or extensive your
bathroom remodeling will be, and give you some pointers for beginning your bathroom
design. You will not only enjoy your new bathroom, but it will add value to your home.
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