Kitchen Remodeling
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Because there are so many different ways that a kitchen can be designed, it is important for
homes of friends and family members who recently have redecorated their kitchens, and
look at the layout of kitchens in stores that sell kitchen decor. At the same time, you have to
seriously think about the lifestyle of your family and what is most important. How much
time do you spend with formal entertaining? Do you eat in your kitchen, dining room or
attached alcove? Do you like open areas where dishes and other items are visible or
everything neatly out of place behind cupboards? Is your house mostly formal or informal
in its look and feel?
Now sit down and plan your budget and how much you will be able to spend for the entire
your homework stage and make a list of priorities from what is most important to you,
such as a pantry, to least important, such as a granite counter top. Kitchens can be very
expensive, so you will most likely have to compromise. For example, you may be willing to
cut back on the price of flooring in order to get the bay window by the kitchen table. Also
give thought to how long you will be in the house. If you are moving in a few years, set a
smaller budget than if you plan on staying for the long-term.

The layout of the kitchen is very important, and different designers and chefs make
recommendations on where they feel is the best place to put the different appliances.
However, each person flows differently while cooking. The next time you cook a meal,
write down the way you move from one place to another and what you like and do not like
about the layout of your present kitchen. Then, based on your decisions, either draw a new
layout or get one of the pre-made layout forms.