Wallpaper Installation
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   Wallpaper is a popular material used to cover and decorate the walls of your home.  
Wallpaper is a great decorating tool when you want different designs that are too hard to paint.
Wallpapers come in a variety of sizes and styles for you to choose from, and are normally
inexpensive.  Discount wallpaper can be found both online and in many department and home
improvement stores around the country.  Discount wallpaper is aimed towards people who
wish to decorate more than one room, since it is so inexpensive you can buy multiple rolls for
different rooms for the price of one.  There are many books and magazines dedicated to the
question of how to remove wallpaper.

   Many people choose to put up kitchen wallpaper in the kitchen because it has many
different themes.  You can find vintage wallpaper and fruit-themed wallpaper for your
kitchen.  However, wall paper was not just invented for the kitchen.  You can also put home
wallpaper up throughout your house and kids rooms.  One of the most common ways to hide
paneling is to wallpaper over it.

   Hanging wallpaper is not only very time consuming but also very tedious work.  Your walls
have to be prepared properly, and your pattern has to match up at the seams perfectly.  Below
are common problems you may face if you try to hang your wallpaper by yourself.  Let REO
Construction Co. do it for you to insure that you are completely satisfied with your new

Common Wallpaper problems:

Excessive rolling of seams forcing adhesive from behind wallcovering.
Failure to apply adhesive to edges when pasting.
Allowing paste to dry on edges while booking.

Curling or Loose Ends
Improper wall preparation, i.e. wall not sealed or no sizing.
Not enough adhesive used.
Adhesive dried too fast due to high temperatures in room.

Streaks on Wallcovering or Other Surfaces
Failure to rinse off wallcovering and walls after hanging to remove all excess paste.

Ragged Edges When Trimming
Usually caused by a dull blade.

Design Dropping or Rising at Ceiling Line
Initial plumb line not truly vertical.
Ceiling not on a horizontal plane.
A combination of the two.

Bubbles & Blisters
Not smoothing out a strip carefully.
Hanging in temperatures below 50' Fahrenheit.  Improper surface preparation.
Not allowing the booked strips to relax the proper time.
Wallpaper in living room
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